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Menzel Products


Menzel is the leading manufacturer of “minimum-Quantity Cooling And Lubrication Systems. The INDUTEC® MS series provides flexibility in all kinds of cutting and non-cutting applications. Precise and optimized application of the medium, provide cleanliness and cost efficiency.

Precision Saws, also offers a full line of biodegradable High-Performance oils “INDUOIL® HL” manufactured by Menzel. INDUOIL® HL products are suitable for sawing, milling, bending, embossing, grinding and many other applications.

Minimum quantity lubrication or minimum quantity cooling and lubricating (MQL) works according to the "less is more" principle. By applying lubricant where it is required in a targeted manner, the tools and work pieces are prevented from heating up. Conventional cooling using full-flooding is unnecessary.

This requires extremely high pressure-absorbing high-performance oils and very precise spraying head technology which allows the smallest of amounts of lubrication medium to be applied.

The INDUTEC® MS system from MENZEL reduces medium consumption to an absolute minimum whilst allowing for the lowest possible damage to the environment.

Advantages of Menzel Minimum Quantity Lubrication

Menzel Products If your aim is applying the smallest amounts of practically any fluids, then the INDUTEC MS system is the solution for you.

  • Dry work pieces, machinery
  • Increase in productivity
  • Improvement to tool life
  • Clean work pieces with better surfaces
  • No disposal of the cooling lubricant
  • Environmentally-friendly technology
  • Lower medium storage costs
  • Lower cleaning costs for machinery

The extremely low levels of consumption when using our environmentally-friendly and biodegradable cooling and lubrication mediums makes cost-intensive disposal unnecessary, decreases storage costs and reduces the health risks in the workplace.

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