Vacu-Lift Products
Vacu-Lift Products


As the founder of self suction vacuum lifters VACU-LIFT is the worldwide leading manufacturer of vacuum transport systems and vacuum lifters.

Since 50 years we are supplying solutions for applications in almost every branch of industry. More than 25.000 devices are spread all over the world to make processes more efficient. You will find our device in handicraft business and also in the high tech industries as the automotive or aircraft industry.

Our esteemed expertise and innovative performance are approving that there are almost no limits for vacuum lifters. In a multiplicity of national and international companies VACU-LIFT transport systems ensure failure-free and effective work flow.

You need a solution to transport heavy loads, sensitive materials with rough, smooth, non porous loads?

Easy Solutions For Heavy Loads

The VacuLifters® offers you a wide variety of possibilities. These systems pivot a load, turn it or lift it and simplify the working processes. That provide you a clear added value and more efficient in movement over your competitors.

You work with a VacuLifter® and need an equipment service or a repair of the system? Please sign up your VACU-LIFT for a service or repair here - both simply and conveniently.The registration is of course also possible, if you have not purchased the VACU-LIFT from us.

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